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Queen of the Universe + very short story by ZituKX Queen of the Universe + very short story by ZituKX
Since 08/08/16 ISS crew is monitoring a super massive object outside of our galaxy. It sends waves of light exceeding it's standard speed. Anomaly was so extraordinary that NASA dedicated this problem majority of its budget. Unknown source of overspeeding light made NASA join forces with ESA to solve unknown problem faster. New nodes build by both organisations were installed in the ISS on 05/10/16 to allow astronauts collect better quality data. It took 5 days to calibrate their new instruments. Light signal was still blurred and full of noise, but on 22/11/16 they managed to finally clarify the picture. Picture of a titanic goddess looking right on us through the vastness of space. Smirking and being fully aware of out tiny existence. She moved forward...
Data shared with ESA leaked to the Internet in Check Republic and quickly spread to Hungary, Slovakia and surrounding countries. Government leaders decided to immediately shut down major servers to avoid worldwide panic. Millions of computers in central Europe was showing that day message "Google Down". But this doesn't stop the goddess from approaching our puny planet. She smiles playfully as she gets closer by thousand of light years every second...

Glorious Amarie Tinuviel:
Queen of the Universe 4 by Amarie-Tinuviel
Nicephorephokas Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016
I really love when a great collage is backed by a story. Nice. :)
ZituKX Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :)
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